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In the Army XII

Saturday, Kris was at the bar, as she told she would be. She was with some friends as well as with her brother Chris. Kane got there and saw her right away. Although wearing trousers and in spite of that short haircut beneath a cute little cap, he thought she was looking very feminine that night.

As soon as she saw him, her eyes stared his, smiling. She had never seen him dressed as a civilian. He was cute! She liked that!

- Hi! – He said getting close to her.
They kissed on their cheeks.
- You came! – She said.
- You thought I might not? – He asked confused.
- No, of course not! It’s great to see you! Come! Allow me to present you my friends. This is Alison, her boyfriend Jacob, Annie, Rob and my brother Christopher. – She said looking at him curious of his reaction – And this is Kane, a colleague of mine!
Kane and Chris both gave a special attention to each other while handshaking.

Chris was the only one to know what that meant, that Kane should also be in the army. They were very close, so Kris had told him when they found out she was a woman and how it all occurred but she had never taken anyone there so he was curious about this guy, Kane.

They were all talking and laughing and Chris was watching both of them, reading more on them than what was being said by words. At some moment, Kane left the table for some drinks and he had the chance to talk privately with his sister.
- So, who is he? – He asked.
- Just a pal from you know where. – She smiled.
- Yeah… I can see you’re pals… what I can see is the way you look at each other. Is he also a recruit?
- Don’t try to see things where there ain’t! There is nothing going on.
- My guess is that he’s not just another soldier. But the question is: are you aware of what happens if someone find out you’re having an affair with someone inside?
- Don’t worry! Nothing’s going on between us. He’s just a friend.
- But you would like that, wouldn’t you? You like this guy!
She smiled at him without giving an answer. Then they got back to loose conversations with the rest of the guys.

Chris also got up for a drink and found Kane still waiting at the bar.
- Hey!
Kane smiled back. And while they were waiting in the middle of a crowded bar, a conversation started.
- You two really do look very much alike. – Kane started to say. – It wouldn’t be too difficult to take one of you for another in the right situation.
Chris laughed understanding exactly what he was talking about.
- If you say so…!
- So, tell me, why wouldn’t you want to go to the army?
- I’m not very found of any kind of war.
- Sometimes it’s a necessary means to actually end any kind of war, you know?
- Maybe but I don’t like it anyway. Kris doesn’t like it either but she does like the rest of it, I guess. The trainings and stuff… Not me though!
They finally got the opportunity to ask for the drinks.

- I guess I would have you for my superior, wouldn’t I? – Chris dared to ask in the meantime.
- Why do you say that?
- I may know nothing about the army but you don’t sound like a recruit!
- …
- So… would I?
- … You would have me as your first sergeant, yes!
- Boy, you should have been mad when you found out about her!
- You wouldn’t like to meet me then, that’s for sure!
Chris was waiting to hear more.
- You know… I would like very much if I had more men as dedicated to what they’re doing in there as your sister is. It would be much easier on everyone.
- You like her, don’t you?
- Excuse me?!
- Never mind! I have nothing to do with it!
- To do with what, exactly?!
He took some time before answering back.
- You know she really loves whatever you people do in there, don’t you?
- Yes, she seems to. – He smiled, curious to know what he was meaning to say.
- And of course you know she did everything she could to get where she is right now...
Kane nodded.
- And you must know the implications to both of you if someone knows you’re hanging out together!?
Now he understood what he meant for that and stared at him.
- I’m not sure I know where you’re trying to get with this…!? – Kane finally said.

At this point they already had their drinks in front of them but kept on the conversation in there.
- I was looking at the two of you in there and one can say you’re very found of each other. – He dared to say. – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that, you seem to be a nice fellow...
- Well, I don’t know if you would say that if you had been there instead of her.
- Probably not … But what I’m trying to say is that you ought to take care, at least for her.
- And this is the older brother talking, right?
- Well of course!
They smiled together.
- Don’t worry! Yes, I like your little sister – I won’t deny that! And yes, I know this is important for her. I always have that in mind… or she would no longer be in there – trust me!
- Then I’m glad we understand each other.

They toasted cheerfully and then they got back to the table. She saw them coming together and for some seconds there was a frown on her face. Then she heard them telling jokes and smiled with some kind of relief.

At some point, Kane asked her to go somewhere else, maybe walk a little, just to talk. She walked with him to a place on a hill where they could see the city lights, and they sat on the grass.
- Nice spot. Great view you have here! – Kane said.
- Yes! I like to come here once in a while.
- You know... it was great seeing you outside! No hiding! No pressure of any kind!
- Yes!... So you met the real Christopher Tollman! – She tried to change subject.
- I never thought I would! But I told you I wouldn’t allow any exchange at this point!
They smiled.
- He wouldn’t change!... And neither would I! – She said.
- I wouldn’t trade you for any of them! – He said looking seriously at her. – To tell you the truth, I miss you when I have you so close! If you left...
The conversation was once more falling into the subject she was trying to avoid. She felt she must end it there or she wouldn’t be able to resist him.
- I...
He stopped her putting his finger on her lips as if understanding it.
- Shh! – he said. – Let’s not.
Then he got closer, looking gently into her eyes and into her lips, and they kissed each other.
- You said to me you didn’t want to jeopardize all you’ve succeeded for something you didn’t even know what it was...Well, I didn’t know what it was either but... I sure know it’s hell without you! I like my job but I feel it’s worth the risk! But don’t worry! I wouldn’t risk anything that would cause you to leave that place. – Kane said.
- Then we are in the same place and with no way out!
- There is always a way out! We could meet outside... whenever we can!
- Like this?
- Like this!
They smiled and kissed each other.
- That is a possibility! – She finally said.
And there they were kissing passionately again.
She was feeling so good, so much lighter and feeling such a desire for him!
Kane stopped it! He was feeling it too!
- I need to walk! – He said breathing heavily with his face touching hers.
- Yeah!
He took her hand and she smiled.
There was silence for a while.
- So... are you staying for tomorrow or are you leaving tonight? – Kris asked.
- I’m staying.
- Where?
- At the Orengo Hotel.
- Oh, it’s close! Come on, I’ll show you the way!
And they talked all the way to the hotel.

When they got there, they just looked at each other. There were some moments of silence.
- Do you wanna come up for a drink? – he asked.
- Sure! – she replied.

They entered the hotel room and Kane served two drinks handing her one.
- When will you be leaving? – she asked.
- Right now I’m only thinking about staying.
They both smiled and got closer to each other. And they started kissing, giving up on self-control.

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