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In the Army VIII

Later on, she was alone with Jim on the couch, as lonely as they could in the middle of that crowd. He got up for a drink and she took a deep breath of relief without having his hands all around her.
- See, Haley? The things a girl have to put up from you guys!?...
- From where I stand it’s at least amusing! It isn’t fair you have all the fun there, and we don’t get to party! – he said on her ear.
- So you want amusement? – she said while watching Jim getting back – Then hang on and put your ears on Jimmy boy!
- Here! There’s your drink! – Jim said.
- Good timing! It’s getting hot in here! – she said smiling and teasing him.
He got closer.
- Yes, it is! – and getting closer he continued on her ear – And you are the heat source…!
He kept breathing on her neck.
- Look out, you can burn yourself! – Haley said laughing with Payton.
- Thorn is looking this way… - she said in her naïve role.
- Good! Let him watch you having fun!
- You’re starting to have fun, aren’t you? You naughty girl! – Haley joked.
- You are so hot! – Jim continued on her ear taking the chance to kiss her neck.
- You shouldn’t do that!
He looked at her.
- Why? Because your boyfriend won’t like it?
In that way he was smart, she thought.
- He’s not my boyfriend and I don’t give a damn if he likes it or not!
- Great! So why wouldn’t I? Don’t you like it?
- That’s not it! – she replied smiling. – …But it’s getting really hot!
- Good! – He smiled.
She thought it was going to be so easy.
- Don’t you have some place else to show me? Somewhere you can tell me how much better you are than him… Don’t you have, maybe a trophy room or something?
She was wisely teasing him and he was feeling satisfied with himself.
- Yes, I can show it to you! Would you like that? Would that turn you on?
- Clever girl!.. He’s buying it! – Haley said on her ear.
- Oh yes, It would!! – She said smiling.
- Then come with me!
He grabbed her hand and took her through a door and then another one. They got to a room where there were some pictures and lots of trophies.
- If you weren’t yourself, I could get worried for your physical integrity for being alone with that big horny guy! – Haley joked.
She smiled.
- Whoa! – She faked her surprise.

At the same time first sergeant Kane entered the van.
- How are things going? – He asked.
Haley and Payton stopped laughing.
- Sir!
- As you were soldiers. How is everything going so far?
- Good… good. We are… waiting… for development.
But on Haley ears…
- Come here, beauty! – Jim said pulling her towards him, falling on a couch.
- Put it on speakers. – Kane asked.
 Haley didn’t know what to do and subtly pressed the button to send the sound out to her saying:
- There’s nothing much going on right now, sir!
She opened her eyes wide, alarmed, while Jim was kissing her lips. She didn’t know what to do.
- Boy, are you a fast runner! – She finally said.

Kane insisted raising his eyebrows and pointing the speakers. And so he did.
 - Why waste any time? – Jim charged again on her ear and her neck – You are so hot, you set me on fire!
- What the hell is going on?! – Kane’s voice echoed on her ear.
Alarmed, she suddenly released herself from Jim’s hands while holding her breath. For some moments there was silence. Haley released the button, hoping it would have been enough for her to understand what was going on. Jim’s confused expression didn’t contribute to ease the tension.

- Huh… do you know what would really turn me on? – She finally said buying some time.
- Now that’s more like it! …Tell me! – Jim replied getting closer again. – What would turn you on?
- If you would tell me more about those trophies and what they represent to you guys… about your manhood...!
- I can show you my manhood! – He said promptly while grabbing her.
- No!… Show me you have more than hands, eyes and body… - she said smiling, flirting, and stepping back to other side of the shelves – tell me about it!
- You clever girl… – Haley voice sounded on her ear again. She wanted to ear more from that side but once again there was silence.

Jim was holding his desire as well as he could but couldn’t keep his hands from her.
Then he tried to sound clever and he started talking about it while on the other side of the speakers Kane was holding something else: the desire to go there and end all that.
- What the hell is she doing? – He finally asked for the answer he didn’t get before while Jim’s voice was safely sounding on the speakers allowing to imagine there was nothing else going on in that room where they sounded alone.
- She’s playing his game, sir! Getting him where she wants. She’s a woman alright!
That wasn’t reassuring for him.
- We’ll just have to wait now, sir. – Payton added.

She was faking so well, showing he was turning her on with those stories, that he wanted more.
- You know… there is something much, much better to tell you!
- Then tell me…
- There is something else we have… a trophy from Thorn’s company!
He stared at her face to see the result he wanted. There was a glimpse in her eyes, opened wide, while a smile was forming telling him he was on the right track. And so was she.

- Tell me more… - She said in a very seductive voice on his ear.

Kane started walking around. No only affected by what he had just heard from her but also worried about what she didn’t know concerning her mission.
- Shut off Thorn and Myers receivers. – he finally said.
- Sir?
- Do as I say. Tell them to wait for development and shut them off.
And so he did. Jim’s voice was sounding on speakers but they weren’t paying attention. Payton and Haley felt pretty confused with their first sergeant sudden behaviour.
- Now turn the sound off the speakers and give your headphones to me.
- But sir…
- Just do it Haley! You don’t have to know more than you need. This information will sound on my ears only... at least outside that room. – he added.

Meanwhile and back inside, Jim was delighted with her seduced expression.
- There his someone of high rank on Thorn’s company that has an history with alcohol and gambling…
- What that has to do with this trophy?
- I’m gonna tell you how we got it!
- Tell me!...
- There is this command sergeant major that was already drunk in the most inaproppriate times and one of our majors outsmarted him. He got him to bet one of his company trophies on the gambling table – this one! A trophy that they had recently won. And he lost it just because he simply doesn’t know when to back off.
- So you just ripped off a fool?!
- No! We won it from them! And now it’s here on our shelf to remind us how weak and pathetic those guys can be. Their shield are on our trophies shelf because we are better than that, better than them!
She thought that thought was pathetic but she had to play along for the sake of that stupid mission. How could they call that a mission? And it wasn’t taken from them!
- What do you think of that? – he asked before her silence.
- This is great! I’m so excited! – she ended to say while looking around trying to get some ideas to buy some more time. The she saw a plate full of drink bottles and followed a hunch about a way out. – I really need a drink! Can we have one of those?
- Sure! It’s party time anyway!
She wasn’t sure she got what he meant by that but she walked towards the drinks while he sat on the couch.
- Ok guys, can you give some privacy for a moment?
Kane didn’t know what to expect from that request.
- Put it on speakers. – he asked.
- Guys? – she asked again.
- Yes? – Haley voice finally sounded on her ear.
- Can you take those things off your ears for a moment or two? – she whispered.
Jim heard her voice.
- What did you say?
- Gin? Vodka? – she asked – I wanna toast to this moment! Which do you think it’s better for that?
- Are you sure about that? I mean, we can… try… - Haley answered in her ear.
- Just grab one! – Jim replied.
- Just 5 minutes guys. Give me some privacy here. – and then facing Jim she continued speaking in a higher tone of voice - Can you handle some vodka?
- Bring it on!
She smiled and grabbed the bottle as well as two glasses. She sat on the couch and filled the glasses handing one over to Jim.

Inside the van, Haley gave the first sergeant a compromised look, waiting for his command over that request. Kane didn’t know if he even wanted to know what she had on her mind but finally decided.
- Leave it on speakers. – he said while staring at the floor.

- I propose a toast to the smartest and fittest company! – she said.
- A toast to us! – he bragged lifting the glass.
She pretended she was drinking long and slowly but her lips were almost shut. He followed her drinking half the glass.
- I can see you can handle it very well! – she said trying to outsmart him and continued while flirting - A toast to you… which are stronger and smarter than Thorn!
She felt amused while thinking that Thorn could be listening.
And his glass was empty. She filled it up again and put a tad bit on hers since it was almost full. Then she raised her glass and he started before her.
- And a toast to you gorgeous, smart and hot!
As he was approaching to do something she raised her glass against his and drank for that. And he drank the whole liquid probably hoping there were no more toasts, she thought. Or maybe he was just playing his brave part.
- No, no, no! – she said smiling and flirting. – I need one more.
- Enough of toasts! I wanna put up my fire with you!
- Didn’t you say I was hot? You need to lower the temperature honey… - she joked – I need just one more, ok?
- Ok. Fill it up. – he said bravely raising his glass.
She did fill his glass and played with her tongue on her lips before she did speak.
- A toast to… hot… wet… and wild sex! – she finally said in the sexiest way she could find right then.
- Hail to that!
Payton and Haley looked to each other with their eyes wide open but didn’t say a word. There was silence inside the van.

Jim bravely turned over the third glass of vodka. He tried to get over to her but he couldn’t. She put her leg on his lap while still sitting by his side and he put his hand over her. Then Jim’s head suddenly fell heavily on the back of the couch, knocked out by alcohol. Kris quickly got up to the trophies’ shell. Looking around carefully she took the piece she was after, aligning the others so that the lack of it wouldn’t be so obvious. She couldn’t help thinking she was lucky it was one of the smallest there or it wouldn’t fit her purse. She put the scarf she had in her purse as if casually decorating it to hide the bottom of the trophy that couldn’t fit inside.

Meanwhile Myers opened the back of the van, getting in.
- What is going on? – he asked.
- What are you doing here? – Kane asked.
- We’ve been shut off for so long that we decided to find what was going on. Thorn is waiting in the car while I came here for new orders.
- Just wait. – Kane replied when trying to figure out what he was hearing on speakers.

- Thanks Jimmy boy! You have been of great help! – she said while looking at him lying on the couch.
- Guys, are you listening?
- Yeah. Shoot! – Haley answered.
- Tell Thorn I’m leaving the party and hope he is outside. I haven’t been hearing his jokes so I presume he’s off my range.
- Kind of… luckily! – he said.
And then she left the room acting natural. She couldn’t help thinking at the trophy and by the time she got to the car, she was angry for not being told the whole story.

She entered the car that was parked a bit further away from the entrance; where Thorn was already waiting and in line with the rest of the guys. She was pissed off and in no mood for talking.
- So? – Thorn asked.
- We can go. I got the package.
- Nice job, tiger! – Haley said on their ears.
- I bet you enjoyed yourself very much in there! – Thorn teased her.
- I’m not in the mood for your sexist jokes right now Thorn!
- Then I may be wrong! Maybe you didn’t like it; you were treated like a woman! – he said laughing.
- Spare me!
There was silence.

First sergeant Kane left the trailer and Haley took a deep breath and got in the conversation.
- It seems someone told you a story you didn’t like! – Haley said on their ears – Wanna share it?
- I don’t have to like it, do I? I’m just doing my job! Can we just not talk about it? Anyway you heard the same as I did.
- No, we haven’t. First sergeant Kane shut the sound off to everybody but himself!
She kept silent.
- Wanna share?
- He probably did it to keep it in a need to know basis so why should I?
- But you sound pissed off; you really didn’t like it, did you? – Haley continued.
- Can we not talk about it, please?
- Come on! Don’t say you weren’t having fun!?
- Can you turn these things off please? The fun is over, ok?!
- Oki doki! Signing off now!

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