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In the Army X

Kane was outside her window throwing little stones at it. Since it was on the ground floor and at the back of the buildings, he was trying to call her from there, far from indiscrete eyes.

She opened up and got worried.
- Are you crazy? Get in or go away!
So he got in the room through the window. She closed it as well as the roller shades.

- Don’t do that! What if someone sees you? Don’t you worry about that? – She said.
- Just wanted a hug from you! – He said smiling and hugging her.
She smiled back.
- …But don’t do that.

- So tell me, what else do you like in here… I mean, besides being with me?! – He asked joking. – What is your thing with workouts, anyway? You are addicted, aren’t you?
- I just like to be in good physical shape!
- And why do you want to be doing the same as men? Is it a fetish?
She laughed.
- No, silly! I grew up in the middle of men. I have four brothers and as a child always wanted to go around with them but they were always saying that they were men and I was just a girl. So I was always trying to prove them I could do just the same as them. Maybe that got addictive, I don’t know!
- Maybe all you need was a little sister! – He said smiling.
- Well I have one! And I used to leave all the dolls for her. That just wasn’t my idea of good fun.
- What was it then?
- Hmm… hanging out with my brothers, playing their games…
- But you like being a woman, right?
- Of course I like being a woman! I wouldn’t change that! More than that, I like to be a trained woman! – She said laughing.
And so they kept chatting about their lives outside those walls, laughing together.

Thorn was just passing by and happened to see there was someone inside the room with her. He couldn’t see who it was since the roller shades were down, he could just see a bit of their legs. But he soon started playing all sort of movies in his mind. He knew she wasn’t to trust. That’s probably why she was still inside, he thought.

The day after that, Thorn was especially rude to her. Something happened or was about to happen, she thought. Things had been much calmer since the fight they had but   it probably wasn’t over yet. Since early in the morning that he was acting as before!

Then, in the afternoon, they were all training outside when he got near her and couldn’t help opening his mouth.
- So, did you have a good night? – He said getting closer to her.
She didn’t understand what that was about.
- What do you mean by that? – She asked suspicious.
- Just that. Did you have a hot night? – He said almost in her ear.
She backed up.
- What’s the matter Thorn, have you dreamt with me or something?
He laughed.
- Not me, no.
- Then who, could you tell me? – She was underestimating him, disregarding his words.
- Maybe those you have been jumping on… I don’t know, you tell me!
- Have you been drinking Thorn?! You’re not making any sense here!
- No, I’m not, am I?! I’ll be clearer to you. I know you have been… very intimate around.
- What do you mean, Thorn?!
- Exactly what I’m saying. With whom did you sleep to quiet down the fuss it would have made the discovery of a woman inside? With whom did you sleep to stay in here?
- Will you stop that?! Are you nuts? Where did you get that idea from?!
- Will you do it with me to stop nagging you?
- Don’t be such a jerk, Thorn! I won’t admit those insinuations!
- Why’s that? Because they are true?!
- Where the hell did that come from?! Tell me!
- Last night I saw someone in your room and it all became clear to me. It all makes sense! You’re not here because of some lucky conjunction of events or because you’re very good being a private but because you’re paying your ticket!...
- Thorn, I’m warning you…
- And you do it the way women do it so well!... laying down!
She ran on him with rage but some other recruits grabbed her and kept them apart.

- Don’t get me wrong – I love it! You’re just doing it for the wrong reasons… - He continued.
- Come on, Thorn! It’s enough now! – Payton said.
- Let me go! – She said to them. – You son of a bitch!
- You just shouldn’t be here! This is no place for women!! If we want your services we will come to you! – He said teasing her. Yes, he was still furious about her presence in there!
- I won’t make it a gender fight! You’re crazy! I must be stepping your toes, ain’t I?
- Come on, guys! You wanna work it out with a fight? Not here or right now! – someone insisted.
- Stepping on my toes?! You are no match for me! Come on, let her go, this is between us!

Of course they were still grabbing them, more her than him though.
- Will you release me?! Dam’ you! – She kept saying.

In the meantime there was a sergeant coming near them very quickly.
- I knew you were a nasty little bitch! Since the beginning! You wanna fight? Let’s fight! Even if it gets bad, you will sleep with someone to work it out afterwards just like you have been doing! Won’t you?
- Shut up, Thorn!! – She said. – You don’t know what you’re saying! You’re just trying to get to me! Why?!

Sergeant Harris stepped in between them without saying a word. They weren’t expecting that. No one even saw him coming him so there was no warning shout.
- Sir!
- What the hell is happening here, soldiers?!
- Nothing, sir!
- I don’t know what happened, what the hell this is about or whether it’s true or not what I’ve heard here but I’m sure I don't like this conversation!
Nobody said a word.

- You know something? I’m sick of you two always fighting each other or trying to. I thought that was over but I was wrong. – He continued. – You’ll have to deal with your first sergeant. Let’s find out what he decides to do with you two now!
- …
- What are you waiting for? Now! I’ll take you there personally!
- Yes, sir! – They replied.
- Come on! Move it!

Sergeant Harris took them to the first sergeant who that day had some other questions to deal with and hadn't been on trainings.

Already in the room outside Kane’s office…
- Wait here!... And for God sake behave yourselves!
He entered alone first.
- Harris! – He said. – What are you doing here so soon?
- We may have a problem.
- What now? I had a terrible day with you know what and whom!... - He said taking a seat.
- Well… I brought Thorn and Tollman to see you, they’re outside!
- Not again! I’m not in the mood for that today, Harris!
- Well, I think you should take care of this!
But seeing him with a serious look on his face…
- What happened?

Meanwhile, at the leaving room…
- What are you going to say, Thorn?
- The truth!
- Well I hope you only say the truth, don’t make up things you couldn’t have seen or known!
- Then don’t worry! – He said with a silly smile on his face.
- Now tell me, Thorn… honestly… is it myself, personally, or is it just because I’m a woman and I’m in here?!
- Both!
- … Fair enough.
And she sat down, above all, tired of him.

The door opened and she got up quickly. Sergeant Harris got them in the room and first sergeant Kane thanked him with a concerned look on his face.
He looked at them as if choosing his words carefully.

- As you were! … Thorn…
- Yes, sir?
- Sergeant Harris was telling me about some things you were saying to Tollman here. You were implying some things… Tell me about it.
- …
Thorn seemed not to be expecting that direct question.

- So…?
- Sir, I think Tollman is… more like Gloria than we knew!
By the look on her face one could see she was getting real mad at him. But there they were  and she was controlling herself.
- …what do you mean exactly?
- That she is… distributing favours to get where she wants in here, sir!
- The truth, Thorn!... – she couldn't help reacting.
- Wait for your turn to speak, soldier! – Kane promptly said to her.

Kane was worried and really choosing his words, controlling himself.
- You know that’s a serious accusation, don’t you?
- Yes, sir.
- And why do you say that? Have you seen anything to prove it?
- I saw she wasn’t alone last night, sir!
Now he was really worried!

- She wasn’t alone?
- No, sir.
- With whom was she?
- … I don’t know, sir!
Relief suddenly came.

- You don’t know?
- No sir, the roller shades were down, sir. I was just seeing their legs.
- Hmm! And what were they doing?
- I suppose…
- Don’t suppose! – He interrupted. - Tell me just what you have seen.
- I saw them standing.
- Hmm! And have you heard anything?
- No, sir, I didn’t!
- Ok, and have you seen any suspicious behaviour? I mean, in the direction you’re giving it?...
- Just saw them standing there, sir.
- So, let’s see… You saw she was with someone…
- On her room, sir!
- … on her room… you saw them standing – so they could be talking, couldn’t they?
- Yes, sir. – Thorn was feeling at least frustrated.
- … and have you seen them close to each other as in some close involvement?
- No, sir.
- …no!? Hmm! Is that all?
- Yes, sir. – He was breathing out heavily.
- Then I don’t understand your assumption!
- Sir…?!
- Wait a moment! Tollman, is this true?! That you are... let’s say, distributing favours inside - just like Thorn is saying?...
- Never, sir!
- Hmm…
What now? Would he just ask if she was with someone the night beote? She would have to lie. He had to gain some time to think.
- And…

Suddenly someone opened the door with the secretary right behind arguing.
- Excuse me, sir! – Said recruit Payton.
- What are you doing Payton?!
- I’m sorry, sir! I was telling the miss outside that I have something important to add to this story, sir!
- Oh, do you?
- Yes, sir!
- Then go ahead! It’s all right, Miss Harriet! – He said to her.
- It was me who Thorn saw in Tollman’s room, sir! We were just talking, sir! We have done nothing wrong!

She suddenly looked Kane in the eyes trying to say she didn’t understand that. They both knew that just wasn’t true.
- What are you doing Payton? – She asked.
- Don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong about it or saying it! I’ve been through some difficult times at home, I’ve been in need to talk about it and Tollman has been supporting me, sir.

Well, that was true, she thought. But not about being on her room the night before!
Kane looked at her. What to do now? Now he didn't have to ask and she didn't have to lie! Suddenly he looked Thorn in his eyes.

- Are you satisfied, Thorn?
- What about, sir?
- Is this issue clear to you?
- … Think so, sir.
- Listen to me, I don’t wanna know if you hate her guts… in here you are a team!! And you must work as a team! So your goal shouldn’t be aiming her, shooting inside the team! Now think again, Thorn! Is this clear to you?
- Yes, sir!
- Good! Now that we understand each other: Thorn, you take care with your tongue! As well as your imagination! Tollman and Payton, conversations ought to be taken outside the room so that these kind of things don’t happen again! … And you’re dismissed.
They turned away to leave.
- I still want a word with you, Tollman!
- Yes, sir. – She turned back closing the door behind her.

They looked at each other for some moments. Then he got closer and they hugged each other. He was about to kiss her when she slowly pushed him away with her hand.
- No, Kane.
- What’s wrong?
- Nothing’s wrong but we should stop this.
- I’m sorry for that, it won’t happen again!
- No, Kane. You can’t control every situation. I’m sorry but I don’t want to go on… I won’t jeopardize what I’ve succeeded until now for something… something I don’t even know what it is! … I’m sorry!

She left closing the door behind. He didn’t know what to say. He also didn’t know what that was but just felt it was worth the price.

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