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In the Army XI

Days were being a bit tense for all of them. Each one had its own motif for that. But some more action was about to come. One of those nights, on her nightly workout, Kris was at the gym when Thorn came in. She was surprised since she had never seen him in her incursions into the night.
- Hey! – He said.
There was no answer.
- Need someone to workout with?
- I don’t wanna fight with you Thorn! Nor am I in the mood for your jokes right now!
- It’s not a fight, just a workout! Come on!
- I don’t know, Thorn!
- Come on!
She was silent, looking at him, deciding what to say.
- Ok… I guess. - She finally said.

They started the fight, well, the workout and Thorn did everything he could too beat her on her sport. But then she stopped.
- I said I don’t wanna fight you, Thorn!
He continued and she was just defended herself, without striking him back.
- What’s wrong with you? You are better than that, you know?! You just think I give a shit if you’re better or if I am. Well, I don’t!
She knocked him on the floor and with her elbow on his throat (déjà-vu?) she said:
- I know you’re stronger than me, you’re bigger than me… probably even better than me…
- You can bet I am! – He said managing to take her off him although keeping the fight on the floor.
- …You just don’t know how to take advantage of that! Always looking for a fight... Wasting your energy! You’re smarter than that, you know?
- Shut up! You’re just trying to distract me and keep me from winning!
- Winning what, Thorn? This?! From me?! You win, I quit! – She let go of him and managed to get up. - There! Happy now?!
He stood up, grabbed her throat and pushed her against the wall. She tried to defend herself but he was strong. Then she thought once again that there was no need for that. She really didn’t want to fight him.
- I hold nothing against you. What do you have against me?
- Nothing at all, girl! - He kept grabbing her throat, smiling. –... You know what? I have to admit you looked very feminine the other night! I liked you better that way! - Then he tried to kiss her and she really fought back, succeeding in releasing herself.
-What the hell do you think you’re doing, Thorn? Do you think I’m that easy?! Don’t go that road, fellow! You’ll never beat me there! – She was truly mad.
He tried to grab her again, smiling and she kicked him hard. He fell on the floor.
- Just don’t go there!

She left really pissed off. How could he do that? Didn’t he get any of it? She went to her room but not before running like hell to drain that intense energy of anger she was feeling inside.

The next day, Thorn saw her a moment alone and got closer. She saw him and got suspicious.
- Don’t worry, I came in peace! - He said.
- Don’t come at all, Thorn!
- No, really, I wanted to apologize for my behaviour. I exceed myself last night! And you’re right; I don’t have to win from you, in any way! You’re a woman and I must admit you’re very good in here, for a woman. I’m a man and I don’t need to feel threatened in any way because I know how good I am!

She couldn’t help laughing at him. Even with those soft words, he was still trying to prove he was better than her. She didn’t mind that, as long as he would get off her back!
- You’re helpless, Thorn! But you’re right, in your manly world, you are better! That’s final!
- If you wanna workout, I promise it will only be a friendly workout! – He said smiling.
- Well, thanks Thorn! I think I shall pass!
They shook hands and that settled it. It seemed that she was going down the right road!

In fact, things between the two of them turned very quiet. It really seemed that he overcame that jealousy in trainings. She felt happy about it. Everybody noticed the difference but didn’t know exactly where that came from. There were several theories between the rumours but only the two of them knew the truth. Now she just wished there could be a way out for that strange situation with Kane. She often felt an urge to go talk with him and step back on her decision but then she reminded herself why she took it in the first place. She really wanted to feel him closer, and she knew things with Thorn were somehow controlled – more than that, he just didn’t seem to care about her any longer. But what if someone else saw something between her and Kane? What then? So every time she found herself thinking about him, she would think about everything she accomplished in there and how much she enjoyed being where she was. 

That day was turning to be a bit more difficult than that. In the morning formation, Kane stopped in front of her giving one step forward, as if trying to find something to pick on her. He did catch her looking into his eyes but didn’t say a word. He just stared as if trying to establish some kind of communication. She was disturbed by his close presence and she just knew he was also feeling it. Then he moved on without saying a word, looking at the recruits next to her maintaining that look as if thinking about something.

Later on he called her to his office.
- Is everything ok with you? – he started not knowing what to say or where to start.
- Yes, sir. If I may, why do you ask, sir?
- Has Thorn been annoying you in some way?
- No, sir!
- What happened between you two?
- We had a last fight and settled things up, sir.
- Really?!
- Really, sir!
- Can you stop calling me that for a while?!...
She didn’t answer.
- And he stopped fighting you just like that?
- Yes... he did.
- That’s good news!
She didn’t know why he had called her there but it sure wasn’t for that. It looked like he wanted to say something and didn’t know how. Or maybe he just missed her like she missed him, she thought. She found that moment delightfully uncomfortable but wanted to know what was on his mind.
- Anything else... sir?
He took a deep breath and answered.
- That’s all, soldier!
She was waiting for his signal for her to leave when he finally said something else.
- Actually, there is something else! ... Can we meet outside?
She looked at him. That was totally unexpected! But she would like that!
- This weekend? – He continued. – Let’s just have a drink, shall we?
- Ok...!
- ...Where can we meet?
- Oh! Right! – She looked for a piece of paper and something to write with. – Meet me at this address, Saturday 9 pm. It’s where I usually meet with some friends if that is ok with you!?...
He took another deep breath, this time of relief.
- I’ll meet you there! – He replied smiling. It was Thursday and those were going to be two long days, he thought.
- Oh and… – She reminded something. – maybe you happen to meet the real Christopher Tollman there!
- I must warn you I won’t admit any exchange at this time!
They both smiled.
- By the way, - she added – my friends think I’m studying out of town; I must not let them think otherwise!
- Don’t worry about that!
She smiled and left his office also relieved and excited about it.

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