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In the Army VII

She could hardly sleep that night even after running like hell. Orders were orders so she would do it and thinking about it didn't help at all, she thought.
And in two days they had it all covered and prepared for that party and the rescue job.
So on the targeted night she dressed a casual but military look, with some green trousers and a tight shirt in green camouflage. The only difference was that she was wearing a bra and one could see that she was a girl by her breasts. They watched her coming near and thought it wasn’t exactly what they were expecting at the occasion. As it was an informal meeting, Thorn took the liberty to talk first. He just couldn’t help it.

- Was that the best you could get in your closet?
- What? – She replied.
- Is that a woman outfit at all? – Myers added.
- I’m wearing a bra, ain´t I?!
Then Kane took it from there.

- I wonder if you remember how to dress as a woman, which by the way you are!
She didn’t like that, not with that tone but didn’t say a word!
- So would you mind, soldier, to go back and really dress as one? You see, the occasion asks for a woman right now! – He said almost in a sarcastic way.
- And, allow me, what kind of a woman do you need me to be right now, sir?
He didn’t like that also.
- Sexy? ... A tough one? Maybe naïve… or just plain dumb…? So that I can play the part, of course!
- A bit sexy, a bit dumb, a bit naïve…
- Hhmm… just as men like, right? Ok, I can be that!
- So do it, knock ‘em out! Just hurry! You’ve got 30 minutes!
- I’ll be back in 20! – She said turning around.
- Payton, ‘wanna come?!
- I’m there! – Payton replied in a hurry.
She grabbed her motorbike, threw a helmet at him and left the unit speeding up.

While Kane was leaving to his office, he still heard Haley.
- Listen to her speeding! I think she’s pissed off!
- Clearly! – Thorn said laughing.

Payton had been a good friend in there and many times they had relied on each other to get some weight of their chests whenever something came up. So he knew that was a tough call on her. Some miles ahead, they entered a mall and stepped inside a clothes store searching for a more feminine outfit. Well, that was a difficult job since she didn’t want anything too much or too less. She tried a short red dress with high black boots and Payton thought it was perfect.
- Nah… It’s too much! – She said.
- You look divine!!
- Thanks but I don’t know if that’s what I want! I’m not used to it, anyway.
- Well I think that’s probably what our first sergeant had in mind. It goes well with the sexy, dumb, and naïve mix type of role for sure!... – He said joking.
She didn’t smile.
- Come on! Everyday you play a role, right?! You step in those military clothes and dress yourself as soldier Christopher Tollman! – he said in a lower tone of voice.
- Right.
- This is no different! Now you are asked to step in a different cloth and be someone else! Assume this role you have for tonight and have fun doing it, girl!
She liked that idea and smiled.
- You’re right! – Then she turned to the girl on the store. – I’ll take this one. Can I take it on me?
- Of course.
The girl took all the tags on her and said while pointing out:
 – Meet me down there after you’re finished!
- Sure. Thanks!
She grabbed her clothes and with her new dress up and the trousers underneath, she dressed her jacket above it. Then she saw this hair dressing section in the store. She tried on a short reddish wig.
- Just perfect! – She said smiling. - Come on!

Back to their unit, they were all together in the same place, behind Kane’s office. Well, all but one. Kane was at his office when he heard her bike.
She stepped off, put her dress down and undressed the trousers right there. As she was approaching the rest of the guys, there were some expected comments.
- Whoa!...
- You mean whoo! – Myers interrupted.
- It seems you do know how to dress as a woman after all! – Thorn continued.
- And what a woman!... – Haley added.
- Hey, guys!... It’s me, alright?! And we’re right on time. Thorn, Myers, are you coming? – She started walking but looking at them.
Thorn was smiling and looked as if there was some provoking comment on the way.
- Bite your tongue Thorn! – She said pointing at him.
- I am, believe me! – he said smiling.
She kept on walking back as she was speaking. When she turned around she was almost stepping over first sergeant Kane’ shoes. She startled.
- Sir!
- Private!
- …
“Whoo”, she felt.
- Well done!
- Sir?
- The outfit. Good job! Now move it! You’re getting late!
- Yes, sir! – And she started the formal salutation.
- Don’t… do that! Not in that! – He said pointing at her clothes.
- Yes, sir.
The three of them walked towards Thorn’ car. He laughed silently though not silently enough for Kris not to hear. They stepped inside the car and Thorn couldn’t help saying something.
- Well, I could say “I told you, you are just a woman” but I won’t! I’m biting my tongue here!
- Shut up and drive! – she replied at the back of the car.
He kept laughing and took off, driving.
On one hand, she was feeling pretty mad at Kane but then again, she was feeling many other things also.

They got there and tried to mingle with the rest of them.
There were other women in there and it was a strange feeling for her, to be among the military as a woman in spite of her so called disguise. She could almost feel as if she was disguising herself as a woman in that place. At least that was her role over there. It felt ironic! Well, in some situations, girls really have better ways to go to war. At least in wars that require more subtle means to do what has to be done!

- So, we have to show them we are together, right? – Thorn said grabbing her waist. – We have to make it realistic.

He wouldn’t miss the chance for that, to show he was a strong macho man. But she wouldn’t have to like it! She grabbed his hands smiling, getting closer and talking in his ear.
- Don’t push your luck, Thorn! I assure you that you can hurt yourself real bad!
- Do you think I mind your threats?
- Don’t mind me guys – Haley said on their ears – but don’t forget what you’re doing there!
- You tell her! – Thorn replied. – Aren’t we supposed to come “together” and turn it over afterwards?
- Come on guys! – Myers intervened.
- Tell him it was just a warning!
- Come on, guys… forget that and mingle! – Haley added.

They looked away from each other and set themselves towards the drinks. She got a drink and handed to him smiling, saying in his ear: - Here! You can pretend to be drunk and act like the jerk you are so that we can have our little fight here.
- Tollman....! – Haley tried to appeal to her good sense.
 Then one guy from there came closer.
- Howdy! Welcome to our party! First timers, right? – He asked.
- Right! Nice party you have here! – said Thorn presenting himself. - Thorn!
- Michaels!
- Myers!
They all shook hands.
- And who is this beautiful lady here?
- I’m Christine. Nice to meet you Michaels! – She hurried to say.
- The pleasure is all mine, baby! – He said obviously teasing Thorn.
- This is my girl! – Thorn replied with a jerk smile, grabbing her waist.

She didn’t like that but had to leave it that way, at least for the moment, she thought.
- So, help yourself! Have some drinks and enjoy the party! Then say the world we are all friendly and mature here! – He said joking about the situation itself.
It seemed to her that he had already been drinking some himself!

As soon as he got away, she subtly got his hand off her. They continued on smiling to each other, recognizing the room, looking for any doors and everything they thought that might come handy later on. They talked a bit with some others and Thorn continued trying to show off who were in charge there, taking all the chances to put his hands all over her.  She wasn’t enjoying it and the next time he did it while saying something in her ear, provoking her, she reacted. She slapped him on the face.
- What are you doing, Thorn? You’re such a jerk!
- Guys...? – Haley intervened.
- No, what are you doing, girl?! – Thorn replied.
- You’re an asshole, you know that?! Why did I come here with you anyway?
- Don’t tempt me, woman!
- Come on guys! – said Myers.
- Guys, you’re acting like planned, right? – Haley asked.
- Why are you always measuring your strength with me, Thorn?
- Huh... hope you are…! – Haley continued.
They got attention, alright!
- Maybe because I am stronger than you! – He replied.
- Have I ever told you otherwise? You can be all muscles but the muscle you really need to exercise is your brain!
- Guys, you’re scaring me! Don’t push it; let’s stick to the plan, ok?! – Haley tried to get to them.
- Come on Christine! – Myers said playing his role.
- Don’t you Christine me! – she answered him and then turned to Thorn – You need your friend to defend you?
Suddenly Thorn got his arm up to hit her but some guy getting closer to them grabbed his hand intervening.
- Thorn, right?! Welcome! You can call me Andy! Man, we could use those muscles here! Come on! Let’s have a drink!

He was caught by surprise and didn’t know exactly what to do, not reacting at all.
- How long have you been exercising? – The other continued trying to take him to the drinks. Then he entered the conversation and didn’t mind about her.
- And you go with your pal, will you?! – she said to Myers.
He did and she saw that Andy guy looking at her over his shoulder and she understood he meant that.
- Boy, I need a drink! – She said as to herself.
- Here! You can have mine!
She looked at this big all muscles guy handing a glass to her. She didn’t say a word, looked at the glass and then again to him.
- Go ahead! It’s just beer and I haven’t touched it yet!
- Thanks! – She said, accepting it and drinking some.
- I’m Jim and you are…?
- Chris!

People around were getting back to their conversations.
They also chatted a little although she understood he was flirting her. Well, she thought that was a kind word for such style. He was all around her and she was allowing that behaviour since she understood that he wasn’t the only one interested on her companionship. They succeeded in their intent! Those guys were marvelled with the idea they could have advantage over some guy from the rival company and it was just great it could be with his woman. So she was playing along… a bit naïve, a bit sexy, a bit dumb. Even the Andy guy ended leaving Thorn with someone else and came back to her. She thought he was nice though!

- I still haven’t thanked you for that a while ago… - there she was, playing naïve on him.
- You don’t have to thank me! Have some drink with me and we’re even! – He said while blinking his eye and smiling.
- Thanks but I should get going, there’s no use staying here now. – She said faking sadness over the incident.
- Yes, there is! – Jim said. – We’re nice, aren’t we?
She smiled.
- Yes, you’re nice to me but I sure would make him mad leaving the party without him in the middle of his buddies. Wouldn’t you be mad?!
And there she was playing the dumb part of the role. Theycouldn’t help smiling to each other about it.
- You know what would be worst for me? – Jim continued. – Seeing my girl with a guy bigger than me!
She gave him a look as if thinking about it and thought that guy was very much alike Thorn. That ought to be easy, she thought. As she was taking too long to answer, Andy got closer, flirting her in a more subtle and maybe clever way.

- Don’t mind my friend here, he drank too much and he’s just trying to get his hands on you.
Her guess was they were both drunk. And almost guessing her thoughts, he continued.
- I may have drank too much but I’m more a kind of a gentleman. I think your boyfriend would be mad just by seeing you still here and happily talking with us. – and he smiled.
- He would, wouldn’t he?
- Yes!! – They both answered promptly.
- Then I think I’ll stay a bit longer. – She said looking proud of herself and smiling.

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